Ragnar Great River: Hot, Humid, Tired!

2 weeks ago (sorry for the delay!) I ran my 4th Ragnar with an awesome group of running friends, most new to Ragnar! We headed down on Thursday evening, van packed and excited for our adventure. I was so happy that they added Thursday night pick up and safety training which allowed us extra sleep on Friday.

We checked in on Thursday night to find the hotel room with 2 beds and a sofa sleeper really didn't exist! Instead offered 2 double beds or a king bed and couch, we opted for the first and had a pretty packed room with 6! Oh well it was more comfortable than any sleeping we'd find for the next 48 hours!

Ready to go...
Friday morning we were off with runner 1 at 7:00...

Waiting for Runner 1!
I was runner so plenty of time for coffee, food and the weather to get even hotter! I took off around noon and already the temperature was in low 90s with heat index near 100! Yuck, combine this with no shade after mile 2 and asphalt and it was rough. I took off in the shade of the town at 7:20 pace but soon slowed by Mile 4 as the shade disappeared and heat was worse. 
At the start or leg 1 (Photo by Anna Lee Photography)
I kept moving, up the hills, counting down miles and hoping for shade! I finally saw the One Mile To Go sign and soon after the finish line covered in geese! From a distance I couldn't tell these weren't real, my team was laughing as I have a huge fear of geese after being attacked on a run! 7.8 miles done (1:02:00), pain free and only fake geese!
Nearing the exchange, shirt in hand and hot!
After time to relax, eat real food and rest a bit we were off again and ready to run in the dark! This one tested my limits. My 2nd run was 6 miles mostly on winding dirt road covered by trees and fields on both sides, no lights except the blinky ahead from another runner. My mind placed games with me as I ran, "what was that nose?" "is something hiding int he woods?" I made it my game to chase down each blinkly light ahead of me and just go! I finally turned and saw the lights of the exchange. What an experience! The cooler weather was great! 6 miles done (47:10). One more runner and time for a little sleep...

I attempted my sleep on a hard gym floor filled with sweaty runners. I woke from my disjointed sleep with a bruised hip from the floor, Grabbed coffee (lots of coffee), some PB and banana and was good to go!
Not even thinking of running with  shirt this time!
Saturday brought even more heat but today we were prepared. I once again started running around noon and yikes! Luckily I had my team meet me with a cold towel at Mile 2 and later added ice to the rolled towel, thanks to another team! It was rough, but I knew as soon as I finished I was done! I could see the end...6.5 miles done (59:00) yep the heat was bad, lack of sleep wasn't great but oh well!

Once Van 1 was done we showered and found more real food and wine! Then we met Van 2 for the big finish! 
Crossing the finish line together (in flip flops)!

We did it!
Thus was honestly the toughest Ragnar, the heat was rough and the dark tested me mentally! But guess what I'm going back for more...Tennessee in October here I come!

Who can tell me about running in Tennessee? 

Linking with Jill for Fitness Friday... What are your weekend plans?


  1. I would really love to run a ragnar race one day- I am sure it is an experience that no one forgets! Nice recap and I think in Tennessee in October sounds lovely! Hilly but cooler!

    1. It is a great experience, everyone needs to do it!

  2. Replies
    1. Jill, you need to do a Ragnar! It is amazing :) Chicago next year?

  3. Congrats on your Ragnar! That heat sounds awful - kudos to you!! I really hope to get a Ragnar soon!

  4. Congrats! I can't imagine the heat. I did Ragnar DC in 2013 - it was relatively cool then, although it was pretty toasty for the finish (I was runner 12 and had to run across the Woodrow Wilson bridge at noon - hot).


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