Good Bye March...Hello April

Good bye March and Hello April! February ended with a bad marathon but I was able to get back into running quickly since I only ran 16 at the marathon. March was a big month for us all, lots of changes…

  • March Miles: 174.4 (534.6 for 2016) Not too bad
  • No races but an easy marathon recovery Felt good
  • Focus on strength and leg rehab/injury prevention After a little glute/hip issue I'm focusing on not getting any worse
  • Outside running is back with 2-3 early morning runs Feels great meeting friends for 5am runs again

  • I started a new job with better hours and more training time Loving the new hours
  • O had her first dance competition and did great I'm officially a dance mom, yikes!
  • We started gluten free for O after our decision not do EGD for celiac diagnosis Much tougher with a 6 year old and not looking forward to upcoming birthday parties
  • Date day to winery joined by our neighbors


  • Finish my first 50K hoping in about 5 hours but I really am not sure of how to even make a goal time!
  • Strength 5 times a week Loving this but would like to find a new program Suggestions? I've done P90X, X3 and Body Beast.
  • Run 1-2 speed workout a week or I can't get faster!
  • Yoga or pilates 1 time a week Need to have a rest/light day
  • Walk at lunch since my new job is much less walking during the day I need to have time to get up a move!

  • Whole30 or at least my version allowing qunoa, veg protein and the occasional red wine! On day 5.
  • Plan a fun anniversary date celebrating 14 years on April 13th
  • O starts softball it will be fun getting the glove back out after many years!
  • Organize home office It is a total disaster!!
  • Read a book! The last time I read a fun book was on the plane
Now if only April weather would look more spring like than winterish! I'm not happy that I'm still wearing winter running tights today! What are your April goals?


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