Back to Back Racing Strategy for RnR Chicago

This coming weekend I am traveling to Chicago t run RnR half and 5K while celebrating Matt's 40th! I know after running Dopey and Looney in 2014 I said no more back to back races but as a Rock n Blog Ambassador I was given free entry to the races so why not?! Plus Nichole wants to continue to torture me and have me race a 5K!

We've gone back and forth over the race strategy, I wanted a fast half, she wanted both! Then we thought about the hamstring...

The weekend is about the run but also having fun and relaxing. I want a fast half but in the long run ( I want a fast marathon more! And then we looked ahead to the weather...

It is kind of sad that the Saturday weather with high of 82 is the better of the days for racing. Even though the 5K starts later (7:30) it should be cooler. The half will be hot and humid with no clouds, yuck! So I guess the strategy is still up in the air. The latest plan is the race the 5K and see what my legs have left on Sunday, race it if possible but push myself no matter what. This will teach my legs to run when tired and benefit me in the marathon. 

What is your strategy for racing back to back races? 

Giving control of my racing to a coach has been tough but I'm putting my faith in her to know what is the best strategy for the long term goal! Sometimes we sacrifice the immediate goal for a bigger long term goal!


  1. I'm impressed! I've never run back-to-back races before :) I always put PLENTY of room in between the few races I've run Hahaha.


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