Friday Five: Marathon Training Thoughts

Just about 10 weeks out from Chicago Marathon that is still undecided whether it will be an A race or not and filled with the typical training ups and downs. I have handed over control of my training to Nichole and am focusing my energy or writing plans for others while she controls mine! Even trying something new with some 5K races, eek!

1- Struggle: Last Saturday was a struggle. Friday morning the long run fell apart. Had planned to run that day but overslept (so did my training buddy!). Got in my hills that day then sat at the beach, didn't eat great and had a few glasses of wine plus stayed up later than I should. Saturday I struggled from the first few miles but I did it. I am often asked if after all these years I have bad runs and yes I do! I'm not afraid so say I struggled, thought about quitting and had many doubts!
Soak in the beauty of the run and just let it push you along!

Even Garmin could tell I was struggling! Anyone know how this Recovery time is determined?
2- Nutrition As I am increasing mileage it s time to focus on better nutrition. My post marathon indulging lasted longer than it should have, oops! Too many summer nights of sitting by the bonfire snacking and drinking wine are catching up with me. My goals: No more mindless snacking, limit wine, plan meals and snacks, always carry healthy snacks when out, continue to drink plenty of water.

3- Hills I may be weird but I kind of like hills! The speedwork I struggle with but hills I can convince myself to push through. Maybe the reward of the downhill after, who knows! 12 hill repeats last week, yikes! But remember hills make us stronger runners :) Do you prefer hills or speed?

4- Weather Yesterday we had a crazy cool day, highs in the 50s! This continued to this morning when I got up to run with Cooper at it was only 52 degrees! After so many hot, humid days this felt amazing! I even had to run with gloves! I love summer (and hate winter) but struggle with hot running. Too bad today was just an easy run! Hoping this morning coolness continues over the weekend.

5- I am racing a 5K tomorrow and think I am more nervous about it than I am before a marathon! Part of me is a little excited to see what I can do on a course that says it is flat and fast, but the other side hates the feeling of pushing beyond my comfort zone to achieve this! O is running to, excited to watch her finish. Are you a 5K runner or longer distance? How do you mentally push past your comfort zone?


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