Finally a better run

The past week has not been good for my running, I have felt sluggish, had a sore hamstring and my ankle pain returned for a short time. I decided to bike 45 minutes on the trainer Saturday, which I think was bad for the legs the day before my 17 miler on Sunday. I only convinced myself to do this run after making the deal with myself that I would stop for coffee on the way home, bribes work well :)

Monday ended with a massive headache and no running or workout of any kind. I attempted 8 miles on both Tuesday and Wednesday without success. Tuesday I managed 5 very slow miles and felt terrible the entire time. Wednesday I managed a big fat 2 miles before my hamstring cramped and forced me to alter my stride. I guess I am getting wise in my old age and decided it was better to stop then risk further injury.

Today was my third attempt at 8 miles and finally success! 8.25 miles done at an average 8:30 pace, with some speed intervals in the middle. This is still slower then my normal speedwork, but I was happy that I didn't feel like I was about to break or pass out while running like I had been.

I think I just need winter to be gone and spring to arrive with better running weather. Of course I am now looking out at the massive snowfall that we are getting today.


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