Maternity Clothes, Ugh!

I thought shopping for regular clothes was bad, but I was wrong, shopping for maternity clothes is much worse. Being a taller, skinnier woman I can't find a thing. Not only are finding clothes difficult, but this body shape makes the need even greater, I have very few pants that I can even attempt to wear with the Bella Band anymore, I'm at the point where I can't zip or button them and risk losing my pants as a I walk around at work. Every pair of pants I try on requires me to expand not only my waist/belly throughout this pregnancy, but also my butt, thighs, and every other place. The same issue with the shirts, I'm starting to wonder if my arms are going to double in size too.
I managed to find two pairs of pants about a month ago at the outlet mall, when I discovered that only the designer brands come in anything under a Size 4. I bought out the store last month except the pair of jeans that at half price were still $150, not sure I can justify that for something that I'll only wear for a few months. I tried the outlet again this past weekend only to discover nothing in my size except those same jeans, but plenty of Plus Size maternity clothes optioons. Luckily I have been able to get away with normal shirts, but someday I'm guessing I'll need maternity shirts.
Any company that makes life difficult for a pregnant woman is evil, not really the time to make something like clothes shopping even harder. In the perfect world size 0 and 2 would be available in maternity pants at all stores.


  1. I got some size 2 maternity jeans from Old Navy that fit pretty well. They had some capris and slacks that didn't fit (too big) but the jeans they had were good. One pair was on sale for $8 something and the other were like $25.

    Also totally love your blog! I'm 11 weeks and trying to run occasionally. My first few months were rough with being exhausted all the time but I've been getting back on the elliptical and I'm so ready to get back outside once it cools off a little (over 100 is a bit much for me).



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