Torchlight 5K

I don't run many 5Ks, maybe one a year. Every time I run this race I say never again, this year is no exception. The race has thousands of runners and takes place on a Wednesday night in downtown as part of a city celebration and is followed by an even more annoying post-race party. Every year the weather tends to be awful too, way too hot and humid to even attempt any speed. This year we decided to give it another try after a year away since the registration fee was pretty cheap.

For once the weather was actually decent, upper 70s and a slight breeze. Matt and I lined of pretty much at the front since this is the only way to come close to running before mile 2. We decided to run the race together, which would be a first for us. The race started and despite being so close to the front we were passing walkers, people pushing strollers and kids early on. Things finally start to spread out a little after mile 1, just in time for the mess of a water stop near mile 2. I wasn't pushing myself and ran a nice easy run, I kept talking to Matt the entire route and watched the other runners instead of paying attention to passing the next person. I know everyone runs different paces, but it was strange to be running easy and see and hear everyone around me struggling and breathing hard. We were coming to the finish and for a change they actually kept the runners moving through instead of forcing a huge back up a mile from the end.

Matt and I at Mile 3

Mile 1:8:08
Mile 2:8:05
Mile 3:7:58
Finish:25:00 Not bad considering the crowds and number of runners. Only about 1 minute per mile slower then my usual 5K.

At the Post-Race Party- Check Out the Belly

We went through the food line, the theme of grapes continued after this race as well except this time they were still in the original fruit form and not being poured from a bottle. Matt got in the short beer line, finishing near the front has benefits, and grabbed his 2 beers and later returned for my 2 beers. I think the beer and having a pregnant wife were the best part of his night.

Pregnant Runners, Sara (6 1/2 months) and myself (3 1/2 months)


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