4 months

In the beginning the time went slow, but now it is flying by and I can't believe it has been 4 months already! We survived another round of shots and had another perfect check-up. I was reading last week that babies double their brith weight at 4 months and thought, no way she was going be 15 1/2 lbs. I was right, Ophelia is not 12lb 2oz (30th percentile) and 25" (70th percentile). I was a little nervous since she dropped from 50th to 30th and we have friends whose 6 month old did this and they were told to start waking her up at night to eat, no way I was going to do this! I was happy when the pediatrician looked at the numbers, my healthy, happy girl, and then to me and said "she takes after you, tall and thin, everything looks great." We got the okay to start adding in foods anytime between now and 6 months, now to figure out when to start.

I knew from before her birth that she would be a mover and she is. Whether it is just lying on her back kicking (or running and we call it) or rolling across the room she is always moving. Even at night she's moving. I swear she's almost ready to crawl, for the past week she'll get on her tummy and push with the legs while pulling with her arms making some forward movement. Besides the moving she's all smiles and talks or blows spit bubbles all day. Who knew spit bubbles could be so exciting?

The BOB has been a life saver for our running and 90% of the time results in a nap for Ophelia. Getting the miles up and being back to racing has resulted in my weight getting closer to my training weight, I am now 3 pounds below my pre-preggo weight and at the top end of where I normally sit when training. Even better, I now have another pair of pants that fit! Now to just be back to where I was 2 years ago with my running.


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