Ophelia has seemed interested in food from quite early on, she is my child after all. She has been reaching for our food and loves to watch people eat. She was so happy when I cheated and let her lick some curry sauce or ice cream off my finger. We decided not to wait on introducing food and started with the typical rice cereal right at 4 months. She loved it, but seemed to quickly get bored with the lack of flavor. After a couple weeks we moved on to carrots and she likes those even better, I'll have to admit that they are pretty good. It seems I have an independent child already, she has taken the spoon a few times and tries feeding herself with the occasional success.
Who knew eating was so messy! This is what happens when she wants to help.

Morgan loves the carrots too and lucky for him Ophelia is willing to share, we'll have to break this habit when she is older and starts passing off her meals to him.


  1. Awww. Looks like Morgan and Ophelia understand each other pretty well. That is such a cute picture of them together!


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