Happy Father's Day

Happy 1st Father’s Day Matt. I was working, so it was a daddy day for Ophelia, perfect for their first Father’s Day. I came home to find her asleep on the couch in daddy’s arms.

This year we have established a couple new family traditions revolving around food and holidays. This started with sushi on St. Patrick’s Day and then Cinco de Mayo, so we decided all ethnic holidays mean sushi. The second trend continued yesterday when we went out for Indian on Father’s Day, the same meal choice as on Mother’s Day; so the second tradition of Indian food on parental holidays. Ophelia got her second taste of Indian, she loved the mushy potato/pea mix from the samosas and the pureed spinach from the shrimp saag.

As I wrote this I realized we don't have many pictures of Matt and Ophelia, this is the last one from Easter. Looks like we need more daddy/baby pictures.


  1. I love the new food tradtions! How can you ever go wrong with sushi or Indian food? You can't!


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