Was this really that odd?

Today I decided to practice efficiency and good time management and combine a run and a trip to the grocery store, wow that resulted in some strange looks. We live about 1 mile from a grocery store that we often walk to, we get looks doing this, but today I decided to make the run a little longer and go to the Super Target instead. I ran the 2 miles to the store with the BOB and the looks started when I entered the store. I don’t know if it was the BOB or the cute baby, but everyone stared. Maybe they thought I was stealing the card, red pepper, zucchini, and yellow squash I put in the basket under the stroller. Things got stranger when I got in line and the people behind me had to point me out. Maybe it’s the fact that we live in the suburbs and people just don’t walk anywhere, I’m not sure but I’d walk/run/bike everywhere if I could, with an infant it is almost easier than the entire car seat process. Now I’m wondering was this really that weird?


  1. i do this all the time so of course i don't think it is weird. and every gallon of gasoline saved is a good, good thing. we, as a society, have to make walking, running and biking for transportation the new normal and as for people who think it's weird, say it with me: WHO CARES!!!
    just don't shoplift anything as I inadvertently did one time by not completely emptying out the BOB at the cash. going back to that store and trying to explain, in Italian, what had happened was beyond humiliating!

  2. Yeah, I'm totally with Piccola. Do it every day and did it in the US, too. People stare because they have nothing better to do. And I realized they weren't staring critically when young moms started coming up to me and asking me where I bought my baby jogger.

  3. I agree this is a good thing and should become the new normal for both the enviroment and our health.

    Too funny about the shoplifting!


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