March Madness

Nothing to do with basketball here since I was out of that a long time ago when Pitt lost. March started with training madness which turned into taper madness. I think the weather didn't help, but March seemed extra long this year.

March Highlights
Running 254.7 miles (33 hours 10 min)
Biking 7 hours 15 min (most of which was early morning before work)
A lot of core work thanks to a broken arm
12 times to the gym so I get my insurance discount
My college roommate started running and joined the half marathon team I coach

March Lows
The weather! Too much snow and cold
A sick toddler with her first ear infection
Still continuing to not feel so great without any answers

So what's ahead
Focus on quality miles and biking during taper instead of eating
Boston Marathon!
Continue with morning biking workouts at least twice a week
Add back in weight training now that my lifting restriction is done
Enjoy all the foods I had cut out while on a gluten free diet. Per last week's GI appointment I will have further testing done in a few weeks (after Boston) so in the mean time I should eat whatever so the testing can be accurate.
Hopefully acceptance into my grad program (still waiting on the notification letter)
Spring, I hope!


  1. Wow- awesome mileage in March! Looks like you got some good bike workouts in too.

    So excited for Boston for you! :)


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