Perfecting the art of procrastination

We all have to have talents and strive to improve on these, right?! I have always been a good procrastinator, but would have thought that as an adult I'd get better about this, not the case in fact I think grad school has only helped me improve this skill. I have a case review to write by tonight pertaining to a patient with paranoid schizophrenia and substance abuse issues (at least this is my not so expert diagnosis). Why don't I just write it? Instead I'm finding anything else to do...
  • Run 16 miles
  • Shower
  • Make coffee
  • Eat lunch (twice)
  • Play on Facebook to catch up on status updates since this morning
  • Email a friend
  • Think about dinner
  • Call my mom
  • And now write a blog about it
Here I sit, coffee and books on the table, laptop on and a word document open and I just can't seem to get started....maybe I'll go get the mail now.


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