Will 1 week be enough time?

The last few days have not been nice to me, but I guess my body is telling me that I need to take it easy while tapering. Matt and I are now sick with whatever crap has been lingering in our house the past few weeks. Here I sit 1 week out from Boston and I can't stop coughing. It got so bad that yesterday I ended up cutting my 12 miler short, only making it about 7 miles before I knew my body was done. The run itself didn't feel bad, but was slow. I just couldn't breath and was constantly coughing, luckily there was no one running near me since I was perfecting my spitting while running technique.

Now is the time I must listen to the advice I give my runners: You won't gain anything during taper!

On top of this my GI system is not happy lately and just seems to be getting worse. About 3 weeks ago I reintroduced gluten into my diet at the recommendation of the gastroenterologist who is adamant that I do not have gluten issues since I only felt near 100% for a month or so after going gluten free. Well I think my personal experiment is proving otherwise! I am now back to more intense pain then I've had in months :-( I am enjoying the freedom to eat whatever, but I don't think my GI tract is. I originally agreed to this with the intention of having a colonoscopy done later this month. As much as I wasn't looking forward to that I wanted answers, but now I am starting to rethink this plan and wonder if my experiment of n=1 is enough evidence to give us the answer. Now to decide what to do and how to continue eating with Boston so near, do I continue to eat whatever making travel much easier (finding gluten free vegetarian options is tough) or do I cut gluten back out in hopes of feeling better?

Will 1 week be enough time to get my body happy and healthy again?


  1. Bummer on the gut and sickness issues. I'm sure your body knows it has the training behind it so missing a few taper sessions with your illness shouldn't be too detrimental if it helps recovery...otherwise if I were you I'd return to gluten free eating if you can. Make up a tub of quinoa salad to take with you for travelling, stick to rice and vegetables where you can, perhaps make your own snack bars for travelling too...? Hope it all works out and comes together for a great marathon - good luck!

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  3. i would go back to not eating gluten. yes, it would be nice to actually get a diagnosis but the tests for gluten aren't the most accurate and besides, if you feel better not eating it, isn't that diagnosis enough?


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