Afternoon long runs, yuck!

With working some weekends I often need to change around long runs to fit them in, in the past (pre-baby) I would just run these a different day usually Monday. Now I have two not so wonderful choices: run after work on the weekend or run in the morning a different day either with the BOB or on the treadmill during nap time. None of these options is ideal so I tend to go for the late day post-work run.

This weekend that meant 16-18 miles on Saturday. That wasn't fun! I have a hard enough time getting the eating right for a morning run, but add into that another meal and multiple snacks and it's a disaster. That combined with the fatigue of a day at work resulted in a sluggish 16.5 miles. my belly was not happy resulting in multiple pains where I'm sure I was making a lovely face as the sudden pain came on and slowly subsided. This allowed me to take maybe 1/2 a Gu in the entire 2 hours and 15 minutes I was running which also didn't help to sluggish feeling.

My final complaint is my fuel belt, every time I run with it I fell like my back is bruised afterwards. I hate the feeling of it moving and can't stand anything around my waist so I wear it low and kind of tight. I think Saturday was the worst, maybe from my pager and cell phone being in the pouch on the back, it's padded shouldn't that be enough?! In attempts to adjust the contents I managed to lose my ID resulting in back tracking almost 1 mile to find it and forgetting to re-start my Garmin during this search mission.

Alright enough complaining, today Spring has finally arrived and I actually ran in shorts and a sports bra! Huge contrast from the jackets and pants of last week, gotta love midwest weather.


  1. Ditto about the weather! 50s last week, 90 today. Oh Chicago.

    It is very hard to run that kind of distance late in the day, kudos to you!


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