Looking back and what's ahead

April was another long cold month that didn't bring Spring, still snow and cold here. I'm wondering if Spring will ever come and if it is safe to pack away the Winter running clothes. Ophelia is now 15 months and still my little peanut: 18lbs 12oz (5th percentile) and 30.5" (50th percentile) and that girl eats like crazy and like her mom never stops moving. She is signing so much, I think this is the best thing ever for babies, such a great way to communicate and prevent my little drama queen from having a break down trying to get her point across.

April Highlights
PR at Boston: 3:30:27 !!
Running another 200+ month: 204 miles (27:47:03)
Biking 6:10:00 (still all on the trainer)
Acceptance into my grad program
Back to weight training 2-3 days a week

April Lows
The weather, temps in the 30s, snow, rain, wind!
Still no answers, but more theories on what is wrong with me. I seem to be getting worse with the gluten and am having symptoms that I had forgotten about.
The family illness that lasted almost the entire month

Looking to May
Get back to morning workouts
Maple Grove Half Marathon (hoping to PR)
Get outside to bike, bought a Burley now to find a toddler helmet
The end of another semester! Only 4 to go, even with the addition of a new specialization I can see the end.
Get the BOB back out
Add more stretching to my routine, maybe pilates?


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