The long weekend

Last Thursday all over Facebook people were posting about starting their long weekend and their fun plans, how they had 3 or even 4 days off of work to relax and enjoy. I too had a 4 day weekend ahead of me, but mine was 4 days of work. I guess working in health care this is something to expect. Somehow this holiday weekend was well behaved and didn't involve much trauma, at least that I saw, so my work days weren't bad and I was able to leave early.

Besides work it was a busy weekend and by Monday we were ready to do nothing. Friday night I had a great dinner out with some college friends some who I haven't seen in many years. A few glasses of wine and great conversation resulted in a late night and Saturday morning came way to soon. Much different and calmer then things used to be when we all hung out at the bars in college until close! Now we're all mothers, wow how life changes.

Saturday after work I finally had a long run that felt good. 12 miles at an easy pace in the sun and heat, finally. Such a beautiful day that ended with grilling. This was also Ophelia's 16 month "birthday". Thanks to Matt stepping in to coach for me she got to spend the morning running with daddy and her godmother and enjoying the sights of the lakes.

Sunday I actually had another good, easy run. Finally consistency just in time to finish tapering. Monday, another work day, but not another run. I actually listened to my body and took the day off considering I had an achy left shin. This allowed me plenty of time to finally plant my garden. It was wonderful to sit out in the sun. A couple months ago we signed up for a CSA share for the first time since I'm not the best gardener so I said I wasn't planting much. That wasn't really the case when I got to the greenhouse: bell peppers, hot Thai peppers, hot chili peppers, cucumbers, spinach and tomatoes all in deck pots and a strawberry plant in the ground. Yep, so much for limiting what I plant. Although these are all things I've been successful with in the past.

Today was my "weekend" at least a day off from work, but the start of another semester...reality continues.


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