Merry Christmas

What a difference a year makes! As an adult you kind of lose the excitement of Christmas but with a toddler in the house that has returned. Actually had a tree (with lights) and watched some Christmas shows on TV this year, I can't wait to see how the exictement continues to grow.

We started the day with a 5K in atypical December weather. Snowfree ground and temperatures in the mid 30s. I finished in 23:20 (3rd woman overall).
Attempting to be festive with the Santa hats and our little reindeer. Gusty wind makes running in a Santa hat difficult.

My parents forgot my mittens, luckily grandma had an extra pair. Only this girl chooses a banana over the table of cookies.


  1. Your family is too cute! :) My most recent 5K was exactly the same time as yours, cool beans.

  2. Such cute pictures! Sounds like a fun 5k, nice job on 3rd woman! Merry Christmas to you, too!

  3. Thanks!

    Karen, cool that we both ran the same time 5K :)

    Laura, Merry Christmas :)


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