A simple explanation

I've always said that as much as I enjoy my days home I could never be a stay at home mom and last week I was ready to find a full-time job since my typically happy child was fussing and crying for no reason. One minute she'd be happy and playing and like a switch filled she'd start crying and nothing would fix it until the switch was flipped again and she was once again happy. This has continued now multiple times a day for up to 1 hour at a time. Early this week she was complaining of tummy pain during these fits but had no other symptoms. The turning point came yesterday when she refused to jump on the trampoline at gymnastics. This meant a call to the clinic which was completely pointless. One of my biggest pet peeves is talking to clinic nurses who are clueless. Her answer to everything was juice for constipation which was not in any way a problem! This after she reassured me that it was not appendicitis, thanks I've seen enough of that in my career to know the signs. I requested a call from an actual MD or NP which never happened, just another nurse calling to say she needed to be seen.

We spent the morning in the clinic, just how I wanted to spend my day off work. We focused on any possible GI, intestinal, malabsorption diagnosis and went as far as attempting a urine sample from a 22 month old, not surprising that was a failure. Since this didn't work we reached and decided a strep test was simple, quick and would rule out another possible cause since she did have a low grade fever. Shocking to us both that was the answer. I've seen some weird strep presentations, but never intermittent crying and lower abdominal pain. Now that I think about it all fits, she's been fussy, sleeping more, drinking a lot, drooling and rubbing her mouth. A simple explanation with a simple fix. And I might even have an explanation for why I am still sick after 6 weeks. Probably time to take some antibiotics myself and hope for the best, time to stock up on probiotics and yogurt!

I want my house healthy and this happy girl back quickly!


  1. oh no! so glad you figured it out... hope she's back to normal soon!

  2. oops-I don't know why this sometimes hooks up to my old blogger id... i'm now over at http://mommyrunfast.wordpress.com


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