Half of a half!

In my first truly smart injured runner move I decided (in January) that instead of running the half marathon less than 3 weeks after Boston that I'd run it as a relay with my Boston running friend. The race was not only my first relay but our Moms Run This Town group was running to honor a little girl of one of our members who is in the hospital for a new heart condition. Pink and purple ribbons filled our race outfits...

Dawn was off with the start and I boarded the bus that decided to wait and wait! We finally got to about Mile 2 and as I sat on the bus I saw her run past looking strong, but me on the bus was starting to worry that I wouldn't make it! We wait more and more...finally getting to the transition at Mile 6.2 to see 1 port-a potty! Yikes, do I have time to even get in line, luckily someone let me go ahead since her runner wasn't expected for awhile. I quickly shed my extra layers dropped our bags just in time to see the neon yellow of my partner coming up the hill to hand off to me!

Chip on my ankle and I was off, I quickly realized that keeping my jacket was not the best idea. I knew I'd soon be at my group's water stop and would throw it there. I ran telling myself "just take it easy, no pain!" The right leg was cooperating with my thoughts and I was thrilled! I was just waiting for this calm to go away and concentrated on every feeling coming from my lower body, focusing on my form and stride. Soon I see this...
Yes it is!
Time to throw the jacket, high 5 O who is working her first water stop and enjoy the run. As I continue I am counting down the miles very thankful I decided for the relay! I know my pace is slowing as I am now running 7:50s but I'll take it. We made a goal of 8 min miles (kind of sad considering that is marathon pace and this isn't even a half for us each!). I am being passed but that's okay, although I am checking out ankles and have not seen any relay runners sneak pass me!

Now I start to wonder what's up with this? My left hamstring is getting angry. Is it from my changes in stride? Glute exercises? Postural restoration? Or simply a resolution of this ongoing injury that is all based out of my left pelvis? Who knows but I'm not happy! It isn't bad so I keep moving...

More hills ahead of me before the last sort of flat mile! This course is killer for hills but luckily the site of many of my training runs. I see Mile 12 and hear those words "flat from here" I could hug that  volunteer! As I near the high school track I see my relay partner and we head in together. We think we did it, no one has passed me and she hasn't seen anyone from relay come through...
Do we run the same or what?!

And done! 1:40 we made our goal! My individual PR on the course is 1:37 and I'll get back there just not now. We wait for the other runners to finish and find a spot on the field to finish the workout...Yes we were those crazy runners doing push ups, planks, and the rest of our core work!

We ended up with 2nd place for the relay, not bad for two injured runners who are a couple weeks from running Boston! Interesting though considering no one ever saw the 1st place team on the course.


  1. Congrats on a race well run and meeting your goal!

  2. Congrats!!! You two really do run alike in that picture!!!

  3. I haven't done a relay race yet. We're signed up for Ragnar in Sept and I'm really psyched.
    Deborah @ Confessions of A Mother Runner

  4. I ran my first relay event a few weeks ago. I fell in love with it!! It's amazing how similar the two of you run!

  5. 2nd place is awesome- congrats!! Now time to let that hamstring heal, right? :)

    1. Thanks! Yes it is, haven't run since, being smart but it is tough!


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