Happy Mother's Day

As I sit here enjoying my morning coffee watching O and daddy play Candy Land and puppy sleep next to them I am thankful for my kid(s). I'm going to take a minute to brag about O and our newest kid...

Somehow Matt and I, who did not grow up as natural athletes, seem to have a daughter who is one of those kids who catches on and looks so strong at any sport! In the past week she passed to the next level of gymnastics and looks so graceful and strong as she flies through the movements. Then after only 4 weeks of swimming lessons she shocked even the teachers and passed to the next level! My little fish is already starting to swim back stroke and front crawl on her own. She can't wait to do a triathlon like daddy.

Then came dance rehearsal and trophy day. After saying she was done with dance class she now wants to continue but informed me she doesn't like tap, a girl after my own heart.

I love having a big girl who I can have somewhat grown up conversations with, who can make her own breakfast (cereal at least), who insists on picking out her own clothes and wants to learn everything. Despite the difficulty her independence and stubbornness causes us now, I know in the future it will only benefit her as she grows. She even approached us today saying she wants chores so she can earn money!

And now to introduce our newest kid who joined our family 2 weeks ago...

This is Cooper, our 12 weeks old lab mix rescue puppy. It took us a few months but we decided it was time to bring another rescue pup to our home, and decided to stick with a black puppy. Cooper fits right in, he loves O and is such a cuddly guy. And to our shock is catching on so fast with training. I can't wait to see hi grow and become my running buddy in the future.

Of course I will always think of my first baby Morgan who left us this winter after a tough fight with cancer. Thanks to Morgan we found Cooper's name. I had a dream that Morgan was playing with a black puppy named Cooper so the name had to stick. And heck seems more appropriate than the name he was given at the rescue, Angus.

Happy Mother's Day!
Hoping for a relaxing day with my family, yoga and a nice long bike ride (since a long run won't happen). What are your Mother's Day plans?


  1. I loved when our daughter swam on the swim team, she took on the water like a natural and swam for four years..then out of nowhere, she decided to take up soccer {from water to land}. This day I am planning on getting in a good run and then watch our son play baseball :)

  2. Love the new pup! I love black labs. We lost ours almost a year ago. It took us a long time to feel like we were ready for another dog.

  3. Your daughter is beautiful and Cooper is adorable! I grew up with a dog but now my entire family (including me) is allergic, pretty much to all furry animals. My Mother's Day was pretty low key which is fine by me! I just like chillin' with the fam :) Visiting from Moms Blog This Town :)

  4. I love love love that story about Cooper! I hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day !


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