It takes a team

Five weeks ago I finished my 25th marathon and 3rd Boston Marathon in pain and frustrated after almost 2 year of running that has been plagued with injury. I said enough! I need to stop being a stubborn and stupid runner who takes pride in being able to push through the pain and still mange to finish a race. I want to get back to the days when I was picking off PRs at every distance and knowing I could push even harder!

12 days after Boston I had my appointment with a sports doctor who was confused by me! Pain, exam and tests just don't fit...
Good news: No stress fracture, no tears, I can run if it doesn't hurt
Bad news: My pelvis is a mess, the joy of being a woman and having post-baby changes! And hip impingement on the right.

He sent me to physical therapy which I was sent to find on my own "I want you to find someone who works with high end runners and I don't have anyone here." At least he called me a high end runner.

I lucked out and in my frantic calling of PT clinics the following morning I got in on a cancellation, if I hadn't I would have waited at least 2 weeks or more for an eval with a running PT!
Good news: I can continue to run easy and short distances, just let pain be my guide. My problem is fixable! I have great core strength and quad strength.
Bad news: I am a mess! Let me just tell you watching yourself run on a gait analysis is kind of horrifying! My core stability and glute strength are nonexistent!

Next up I began working with someone for Postural Restoration to fix my pelvic and spine misalignments.
Good news: Keep running. After 1 session we started to see a difference and increase in "flexibility".
Bad news:  It appears that my pelvis is shifted (We knew that) but my larger rib cage and spine and making my diaphragm movement limited and my lung capacity is less than it could be.

The exercises are simple: breathing while moving in specific positions. He also suggested new shoes to me. 

I continued with a few more sessions with my chiro for Graston and acupuncture to relieve inflammation. After this it is on me to massage out the adhesions, the tennis ball is my friend! 

Throughout these past few weeks my focus has been glute and core strength and fixing my body. I got in 1 decent short, easy run 2 weeks after Boston then the half relay which was okay but caused issues on the left. Not sure this is related to healing and all the exercises or not. Then I tried to run in the new shoes and it was all over! I have not run in 2 weeks after 2 run fails within the first 1/4 mile. I even skipped a race. After things not seeming to improve my doctor and I agreed an MRI was the next step to rule out something that didn't show on Xray or was inconsistent with exam. I got in for this MRI on Thursday and my doctor is the best he emailed Friday evening to say nothing yet but he'd have his nurse check Saturday. I got my call that morning with preliminary results but we are waiting on the radiologist's read which should come today...

In the mean time my bike and I have become great friends, I've gotten back into the routine of daily (or almost daily) yoga and started CrossFit. 

I think this is the longest I have gone without running since my foot fracture 10 years ago which resulted in 6 months out. This time I'm being smart and enlisted my team: sports doctor, chiro, PT and trainer to kick me into top running shape.


  1. I hope you get good news from the MRI Jen! Hugs! Being injured stinks!

    1. Thanks Mindy! Being injured is especially tough with our weather being nice finally

  2. You might look into Airrosti. It's done by a chiropractor. I had chronic glute/ hamstring pain, and after 3 visits it was completely eliminated. It's not practiced in all states yet, but worth checking into. I was very impressed with the treatment I got....and happy to run pain free!

    1. Never heard of it but I looked and nothing where I am :( glad you found something that worked

  3. As hard as it is, you are definitely doing the right thing!

    1. Sometimes being smart is tough but I'm looking at the big picture to keep me going.


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