5 Things on Friday

It's been an interesting week of ups and downs, snow and now sun, stress and fun.

Last Thursday I found out I'm allergic to Cooper! It explains why I've felt like my seasonal allergies haven't quit since last spring and my asthma has been kicking my butt! So we spent last weekend cleaning dog hair out of everything (a near impossible task) in hopes of me feeling better. I doing a month trial of medications and vitamins and then we discuss allergy shots. Ugh!

I have been chosen to join Team UCAN Inspire! I love UCAN and can't say enough great things about this run fuel. I mean what is better than no sugar drops or hitting the wall, no GI distress and burning fat?! Ask me if you want my referral code of 10% off

Snow! Yep woke up twice to snow this week! Seriously I am done with this! A few weeks ago I ran in shorts now I'm bundled up again. ENOUGH!!

Last week we took O to kindergarten orientation! Where did the time go? How did she go from a newborn who wouldn't sleep to a 5 year old who still doesn't sleep! I love seeing her grow and am ready for this but wow it still terrifies me at the same time!

My first 20 miler since my wave of injuries comes tomorrow! it has been 6 months since my last run this long and I am ready! Meeting some friends to get this done tomorrow is the perfect start to the weekend.

What are your weekend plans? Anyone racing?

Happy Friday! Linking up with Jill for Fitness Friday 


  1. Good luck on your 20 miler! I'm sure you'll do great! I'm trying to get back into running longer (but not nearly THAT long) distances. I'll be pretty happy when I make it back up to 2 miles :)

  2. The snow has been unbearable hasn't it? It needs to feel like spring and stay that way! Hope your long run went well!


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