Things: Puppies, Sleep and Shoes

Life has gotten crazy the last couple weeks, work is extra busy because part of my team is out plus I've been working longer days and weekends. Trauma season hit early this year! The consequence of an early spring,, oh well I'd rather have the nice weather.

My hip has been achy so last week I got back in with my sports chiro for some work. I needed that! I also needed new shoes and thanks to Adidas for changing shoe names I was way too confused to order online like I usually do! Luckily I love my local running store and headed for a much needed visit on Monday and came home with these pretty purple guys! Finally after nearly 15 years running I get purple shoes :) Cooper made sure they were kept safe... But I did find out that I had unkowingly switched shoes and that was probably contributing to my current issues.

Although he kept the shoes safe, my flash drive was a different story! The dog truly did eat my homework!! I have parts of my thesis saved on here, luckily most is saved elsewhere but not in one piece! We tried but it looks like this guys days are done.

Sleep, where are you?! I go through phases of great and awful sleep, well here I am frequently seeing 1:00 on my clock and fighting for those last few hours of sleep. Usually my trick is vitamin D but that seems to have failed me this time. Lack of sleep is not helping with the increased work and workouts, I'm happy to say I've only given in to extra coffee once this week.

What's happening this week in your world? Any good "the dog ate my homework" stories"?


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