2 weeks to go...

Week 1 of taper is done and I survived! Anyone else close to a race? Every time I think things will settle down I am quickly proven wrong! Between O’s school and activities, my work and now being sick I need a break!
Monday: O’s first night of dance this year and 1 hour walk for me (feeling sick)
Tuesday: 8 mile run
Wednesday: T25 Upper
Thursday: 5K Race (more later) and core
Friday: 16 miles (this was rough!)
Saturday: 4 mile run while coaching and Beast Back
Sunday: 1 hour family bike after work and Beast Chest

O did a cheerleading camp this weekend and had a blast…Next week they perform at the game.

This week is another busy week but I think we are settling into a routine finally. I have some big things this week (sorry to be vague) but please think of me and send some good thoughts. Less than 2 weeks until marathon 28. Let the weather stalking begin!
Monday: Core and 8 mile run
Tuesday: 6 mile run and Beast Arms
Wednesday: Beast Shoulders and Core
Thursday: Coach 4-6 mile run and Beast Back
Friday: Spin and Core
Saturday: 10 mile run and Beast Chest
Sunday: Bike and Yoga

Lots of weekend fun ahead with a day at the orchard and corn maze! I am loving this fall weather for running but am not excited for winter! Any fun plans for the week ahead?


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