Taper Madness

Here I am 9 days from marathon #28 and at it again, full out taper madness. As I sat down this morning to drink coffee I was just not feeling happy, something was wrong but I couldn't figure it out. I'm starting a 3 day weekend full of fun with family and friends, I have time to relax, I'm getting a much needed hair cut and color...so why the negative feelings? Then it hit me...TAPER! Seriously I've been through it too many times to mess with me like this but without fail here it is.

At least I have an explanation, but still I'm not happy with this. One would have thought going in to a race with minimal goals would mean less pressure but I guess not. I have every reason to doubt my training since it consisted of little to no speed work, less miles than I normally do and focus on gaining endurance back while working long hours.

Last week I ran a 5K, in the evening, that I wasn't feeling great about and came away with a 2nd place AG finish! And a time of 20:26 (but I think the course was a little short), I ran without a watch or a goal, just ran and had fun, ready to spend the evening with my running friends.

I was awarded a fun necklace for my 2nd place finish! Kind of fun...

Now fast forward a little...I barely finished my "long run" last weekend, suffered on an 8 miler on Monday, slept in and still felt tired, then last night a sluggish 5 miler brought the phantom pains. Left calf/shin aches, a weird knee pain. All new issues, yep just like a taper should be!

Time to remember the advice I give my runners...Deep breath, you've done the work. Ignore the craziness and focus on the training you've done. Anyone else in the midst of taper? When is your race?

Welcome to Friday and the weekend! Any fun plans? 

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  1. I've never run a marathon but the taper can be rough! Congrats on your 5K, that's awesome!! This weekend I'm stuck home because of the Pope visiting Philly...hoping to be really productive!

    1. Thanks! Sucks being stuck home, although I could use that to get my house clean!

  2. I'm hoping I'm some kind of weirdo that isn't affected by the taper! ;) I am in the middle of week 1 of my taper for my first full, so far the only problem I've had is my motivation to get out the door. I'll be running the Steamtown Marathon on October 11th!

    1. Good luck! Hope your taper and race are great :)


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