A new month, new start

September was here and gone, how did that happen? I had big goals for the month and well things didn’t quite go as planned! Cooper has decided he's anxious with O at school and started eating every nonfood item in site so bad in the crate for him until we solve this issue.

September Goals


·                     Develop consistent weekday school routine- Still working on it
·                     Meal prep on Sunday and make 2 meals for the week- Not doing great!
·                     1 more apple orchard trip- Nope
·                     5K in 22:00- 20:28!!
·                     Stick with my workouts- Morning workouts were rough
·                     200 miles in September- 180.9
·                     Track nutrition and focus on intake- Nope, MFB hasn’t been touched in about 3 weeks!
·                     Taper!- I did this!
Last weeks's "long run" with friends

September brought kindergarten for O, busy fall weekends to get in the last outdoor activities: corn maze, bonfires, cheerleading at football and of course last long runs!
Yearly picture in the corn pit

October is here and as I sit her chilled refusing to turn on the heat I’m not ready for winter to be near. A few big things this month in running and life…

October Goals


·                     Meal prep on Sunday and make 2 meals for the week
·                     Plan fun day over school vacation
·                     Work on earlier bedtimes
·                     Find a book to read

·                     Marathon #28 pain free and comfortable
·                     Start new lifting routine
·                     Find a fun new crosstraining activity
·                     Ragnar Tennessee


  1. You did really great with your running and fitness goals...I can't even imagine running nearly 200 miles in one month! Hopefully October goes even better!

  2. Jen, great goals. I have no doubt you will stick with them this month. I am so looking forward to fall running, I just need to stock up on my cold running gear since we have been so hot here in California.

    1. Fall running is wonderful! Have a great season running in cooler weather

  3. I love your goals and your photos of your kids!

  4. I love setting goals at the beginning of each month!! You have a fantastic blog!! Also fall running is the BEST!

  5. That is some great mileage in September. I remember a while back you had an injury, you must have come back from it strong.
    Good luck in your #28th marathon. OMG #28 that is AMAZING!!!!


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