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It has been almost 2 weeks since the marathon and I have enjoyed some time of easy workouts, rest days, sleeping in and refocusing on me, my goals, future, family and not worrying about nutrition (way too much dairy, ugh!). But today marks a weekend day for me thanks to MEA and working last weekend. O and I are both home. Today I am back at it focusing on workouts again and not letting this post marathon slacking (okay recovery gone too far) carrying on for months like I have a bad habit of doing!

This week I have had fun with getting back out there with my running friends for some 5am runs, dark, cool, perfect! All this after 85 degrees last Sunday! We enjoyed that day outside, family pictures, grilling and soaking in the last days of nice hot weather.
Anna Lee Photography
Today is the start, up at 5am and strength training, back to PT exercises to make sure I fend off future hamstring injury and now relaxing with coffee and my girl before spin class. So what’s ahead…

  • My focus until I start marathon training in 3 ½ weeks will continue to be strength training and adding in yoga.
  • I am running for fun until Nov 9th when training starts then with focus and purpose.
  • I am focusing on metabolic efficiency through diet and training.
  • I am considering hiring a coach. But why I am a coach? A new perspective maybe? Obviously I haven’t done everything right if I ended up injured and losing speed. But now that I’m back should I give myself another shot alone? Tell me you thoughts on working with a coach.
  • I want NOLA to be my goal race, my big PR, the race I’ve been aiming for since 2010 when I BQ’d the first time. I want to fully train, follow my plan perfectly, hit paces for speed work and show up race morning feeling great!
  • Next up is Rock n Roll New Orleans and I am stepping out of my comfort zone, not with running but I have decided to raise $ for CCFA as I train and run. I have been involved with the organization since 2008 and thought why not take on a new role. If you’re interested in learning more or supporting me check it out. On that note, Share your fundraising tips.
  • I guess I shouldn’t say New Orleans is next, my next adventure starts in a week when I’m off to run Ragnar Tennessee with other MRTT runners, can’t wait!
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Looking forward to a fun afternoon and weekend as we relax. Any fun plans plans?

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  1. It sounds like you have set yourself up with a great plan and realistic goals...The perfect recipe for success! Keep it up, lady! ♥

  2. Ah! Anyone that does Ragnar is good in my book! Thats on my bucket list.

  3. I am curious what is metabolic efficiency? How are you able to quantify it?


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