TCM...marathon #28

Well I did it, the thing that 5 months ago, I was told to rethink. On July 1st I was cleared to start running after almost 2 months of intense therapy and nitroglycerin for my hamstring. Training was less than ideal for me but was focused on regaining endurance. I did no speed work, I just ran 3-4 days a week at a pace that felt good but I focused on strength training and cross training while working 50 hours a week and finishing grad school! So glad that is done! With all that I was saying I'm never running a fall marathon again.

Saturday was the family events. O ran the 1 mile and had a blast!

Then we headed for a quick run through the expo before I worked at the UCAN booth for a few hours. So much fun to share info about my favorite fuel. 

Sunday the big day! O slept at my parents' yet somehow we got a late start, we got there, I threw my bag in the bag check just in time for the national anthem. No time to walk the 1/4 mile to pee! Oops :( So instead I get myself lined up and about 1 minute later the race is off!

The weather is perfect, 50s, a very slight breeze and some clouds. I decided a new approach this day: ran with my UCAN Hydrate in a handheld, brough UCAN powder to mix into gel at mile 13 and was taking it easy, no focus on pace just run what feels good

I started slower and hit Mile 1 8:30s as I remember why I love TCM. Mile 2 I couldn't wait and decided the first port-a-potty without lines was time to stop.
Photo by Cory Ryan - Twin Cities In Motion

By Mile 3 I was settled into a good pace (later found out I kept 7:40s-7:50s from Mile 3-18!) As we rounded the lakes and headed to the parkway I scanned the crowds for friends.

Mile 13 time for fuel, what a mess! I brought a ziplock bag of powder UCAN and poured in some water, shook and failed! I tried biting off the corner and nearly ate plastic! Then gagged it down as it was still chunky. This wasted time as I had to walk to get through this ordeal! Time to rethink my methods for next time.

Soon we hit River Rd which I normally hate and somehow I wasn't hating things. The legs felt great, my pace was good. Mile 19 brought the big hill and a slightly slower pace then soon was Summit and my legs decided this pace which was faster than any training run was too much...they were tired! Next came the weird diaphragm spasming and inability to take a deep breath, ugh! My pace slowed to 8;40s. My goal was get to Mile 25 then the course turns, it's downhill and the finish in sight.

Anyone who watched news last week knows of the plans of BLM to protest, as we hit mile 25 the course was guarded, fenced off and very eerie. Don't mess with the marathon.

I passed Mie 26 and heard my biggest cheerleader "Go Mommy!" I had some kick left and I pushed. 3:38:13! While not a PR I was thrilled..A BQ, my fastest marathon in 2 years, I felt great, I had wasted time stopping to pee.

This week I have felt great, am back to some easy running and looking forward to what I can do at New Orleans with full training. Even thinking about hiring a coach to get me to my big goal of 3:15.

Good luck to everyone at Chicago this weekend. Are you running? Or tracking friends?

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  1. Great story. You're brave to try to mix powdered fuel while on the run, I usually use a liquid for that very reason. You might want to check out OrangeMud for their hydration packs. They're what I use. There is a double barrel option, so you would have one with just water and the other with your fuel.

    1. Thanks Heather :) I do have a hydration pack (actually 3!) but I hate running with them so I only suffer when I need to on nonsupported long runs.


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