Friday Five...Running and Life

Summer break is here, so here's a bit of our life and a little running right now...

1- A new family of bunnies. They have made home under our playset and the kids are so intrigued by them. Such an unplanned lesson in science, animals and talking about how to just let them be! The neighborhood girls spent a morning looking for mom, they think they found her a couple houses away.

2- My new Garmin has the fun features or race predictions! I'd be thrilled to run these times I'm pretty sure Garmin has a a little more faith in my running speed than I do!

3- Another hair donation! With dance done for the year it was time for a cut. She wanted to donate again and was fine with the extra length she'd have to lose. Now just hoping it is long enough for a bun by competition season!

4- Today I am excited to learn! Attending the Metabolic Efficiency Certification for Medical Professionals. I can't wait to learn ways to help myself and others be better athletes and healthier overall.

5-This quote sums up me as a runner! I am such a mental runner. Last week I beat my goal speed paces by about 10sec per mile so this week I was pushed even more by Nichole. The goal was 8 minutes under 7:10 well I went into the run with a friend doubting I'd do much faster yet somehow we managed 6:59, 6:55, 6:49 for our paces (8 minutes of speed x 3)! I'm thrilled but am still wondering if my coach is having fun torturing me!


Happy Friday! Any fun weekend plans? Long run for me and some home projects. 
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  1. The Garmin looks awesome!

    Thanks for sharing with the Fitness Health & Happiness community. Have a fantastic weekend!


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