June Goals

May Accomplishments
Run my first half marathon of the year: I ran it, I finished…it wasn’t pretty! Thanks to…
I won a 5K! A week before the half I decided to race a hilly 5K and won 1st woman 2nd behind 1 other guy.
Running 5K with O to start our running year! We dropped thanks to thunderstorms, so no Color Run.
I start working with a coach this month. In just a few short weeks I am doing more speed work and faster paces than ever!
Yoga once a week! Oops, more like once total!
O learned to ride her 2 wheel bike! One morning she said she was ready and just ike that took off, no help at all.
I planted my garden. Corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers (including ghost peppers), basil, lettuce and broccoli

June Goals
I will be taking the Metabolic Efficiency Certification Course for Medical Providers (course rescheduled from May)I can’t wait to use this to improve my training and help others. I’m loving the info in the books so far.
No races in June! Focus on training runs and strength.
Walk at lunch 1-2 days per week
Yoga or pilates weekly My flexibility is awful!
Start bi-weekly mason jar salad groups
Start figuring out winter vacation (yes already!). Any suggestion of good warm weather gluten free friendly resorts?

What did you accomplish in May? What are your June goals?

Stop back later this week for a Nathan giveaway!


  1. Congrats on your first half race! I just did my first tri of this year a few days ago. June goals keep training on my bike for the next one!


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