Reflecting on Marathon Training

Now 8 days post the marathon that got away the emotions have settled and I have become much more rational. I've gone through everything from I'm done with marathons to when can I sign up for the next one and I need to race as soon as possible. Last Thursday I had a talk with coach Nichole and looked a little into training and running. Here are my thoughts on the past year and training...
The past year in pictures!
The Good
  • I kept lower mileage
  • I took rest days from running and high impact cardio work
  • Increased speedwork, tempo pace of long runs, 
  • Easy runs were just that...easy!
  • I stopped being afraid of running slower on long runs
  • Strength training at least 3x per week and good core work
  • I started the marathon slower than goal pace
  • The hamstring gave me no issues!
The Bad

  • I never really took a break since TCM last October. In the past year I ran TCM in October 2015, New Orleans in February, 50K in April and then right back to TCM last week
  • I started feeling pain in left leg early August but kept running with it for about 1 month
  • I was forced to take off 12 days of running during peak marathon training
  • I missed a lot of quality runs in August and September due to leg pain/injury
  • Nutrition could have been better
  • Sleep was poor all summer
  • Mentally I struggle when I run and I fall apart
Image result for lessons from running
Lessons Learned
  • Take time off of training and just run easy without no goal
  • Add in yoga (this was my goal but never happened)
  • Continue strength training with a heavy leg focus now in the off season
  • Listen to my body!
  • Start the marathon slower than goal pace
  • Take rest days
  • Don't be afraid to push myself both physically and mentally
What lessons have you learned through training? 


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