Weekly Meals and Workouts

It has now been 3 weeks since the marathon and I am still in the let’s sleep in mode, maybe workout later mode, indulge a little (okay a lot) mode. Don’t get me wrong my workouts have happened I’m just more likely to sleep a little later and do less now without a race on the horizon. This week I need to get back to normal with a workout schedule and meal plan, especially with some travel ahead and the holidays coming.

Sunday Run 7-8 miles hoping for trails if not closed from rain and upper strength/core
Monday Kickboxing
Tuesday CrossFit and short run
Wednesday Run with some short speed intervals and Pilates or Yoga
Thursday CrossFit and Walk
Friday Short run
Saturday CrossFit and Run

I plan to start adding in a little harder runs this week instead of all easy running. I have 2 more months until training starts again but want to get back to a good base by then. This past week I went back to the doctor about the leg/knee and came away even more frustrated. The “knee specialist” turned out not to be and the ortho/sport medicine specialty clinic doesn’t have anyone who can drain my cyst! What?! Luckily we all agree that this is the cause of all the issues but it won’t fully improve until I either stop running or the cyst is gone. The easy running with less miles is really helping but I need to fix it before I’m back to higher miles. How long do you take off between training cycles?

Image result for fall meme pumpkin

I am loving this fall so far, cool but not cold yet. It is nice being back to comfort foods and crockpot meals. What are your favorite cool weather meals?

Sunday Carving pumpkins with friends and ordering from our favorite Thai place
Monday Chickpea salad wraps pre trick or treating
Tuesday Work late so leftovers
Wednesday Both Matt and I have work gatherings
Thursday Black bean chipotle butternut squash
Friday Mac n cheese (vegan)
Saturday Probably dinner out

Okay, off to run now…looks like the trails are closed and I’m stuck road running…Have a great week!


  1. Can I come eat at your place? :) Or place an order? We've been subsisting on a lot of cereal lately... not that Greta is complaining at all!


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