Weekly Menu Planning with BFree

We are in a week of minimal activities as dance intensives are auditions are over for now and due to the results O has chosen to give up team gymnastics due to scheduling conflicts so no gymnastics either this week. Perfect time to get focused on meal planning and better eating again. O also informed us a week ago that she was becoming a vegetarian for a week, this has changed to her being vegetarian forever. I am thrilled, Matt indifferent. We have been have her give input on meals as well and she seems very excited to not eat meat. Much different than when I became vegetarian (the first time) and my mom took me to the doctor who told her how unhealthy it was and I was forced to eat meat or not be in sports! What?! I’m glad things are changing.

My training mileage and intensity is increasing so I find myself hungry! I had to explain hangry to O on Friday after staying at the beach through lunch Friday! The UCAN Coffee Bar I ate at 10am and the almonds I snacked on the 4 hours we were there were no longer holding me! Oops, better planning next time.

Sunday Enchiladas (BFree Chia Wraps) with Jackfruit, Black Beans and Veggies (recipe to follow)
Monday Grill- Black Bean Burgers and Sweet Potatoes
Tuesday National Night Out BBQ so Quinoa Salad for sure and ?
Thursday Breakfast J
Friday Veggie Wraps with BFree Wraps and Sweet Potatoes
Saturday Grill something!
Sunday Dinner out with ILs

I was given the opportunity to try a new gluten free, wheat free, soy free, egg free, dairy free product this summer called BFree. These products are unlike many of the other GF products and they do not crumble! Amazing! Unlike other GF products they don’t taste weird. These products are healthy and made with whole grains.

I’ve been eating the seeded breadsticks with my lunch salads, making garlic bread from the dinner rolls and sandwiches or toast out of the breads. The wraps are great for wraps, quesadillas, and enchiladas, I mean what is more exciting than a GF enchilada! I was so excited that I could actually roll them and get in the pan without the wrap breaking and having all the contents fall out.

BFree also makes bagels and pita bread. I am most excited about the sweet potato wraps and plan to search some out soon! Have you tried BFree? Gluten free readers what products do you miss?

What is on your menu this week? Have a great week, I know we will enjoy the less busy nights while they are here.

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  1. I've never tried be free products. Do you like them? Thanks for joining the weekly wrap this week
    Deborah @Confessions of a mother runner

  2. How do you like the UCAN bar? Have you tried the peach passion? That one is really good too.

    1. Peach is my favorite but love the coffee for a little caffeine. The cinnamon is sometimes my fuel during a long run.


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