About Me

I started running in 2002 when I decided to run my first marathon. I finished my first marathon, Disney 2003 (5:20), I was hooked ever since! I soon learned to train and found others to run with. I continued to run through my pregnancy and at 8 months post-partum ran a 3:31 marathon (12 min PR). I love distance running and have learned the ins and outs of continuing to run with a child, BOB is my best friend and key to retaining sanity some days. Through my years running I have become a coach and love helping others discover the love of running and reach their goals.

I have always loved cooking/baking and this took a turn after my daughter was born as I have dealt with many health issues without answers. This led to discovering I had celiac and following a gluten free diet and dairy free diet and discovering new ways to make my favorite foods. I have never eaten much meat, but during my pregnancy cut out all meat due to morning sickness and never went back, now heading towards a vegan diet!
I am a NASM certified personal trainer and RRCA certified run coach hoping to combine those with my career as an advanced practice nurse. I have coached since 2008 and have worked with hundreds of runners of all levels. Contact me for virtual coaching options. In 2016 I added Metabolic Efficiency Certification- HMP!

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