2017 Goals

2017 Goals

Fitness Goals
  • Sub 3:30 marathon (okay actually 3:20 is what I really want) Not quite 3:35 but safe BQ for 2019
  • Run 2017 miles (while I’m not focusing on quantity this is a fun obtainable amount if I stay uninjured) 1877.4 as of Nov 30th 
  • Yoga or pilates routinely
  • CrossFit 3x week when not marathon training
  • XC Ski 3x so far

  • No dairy while marathon training
  • Track my food again and focus on eating for fuel 
  • Plan meals weekly, try 2 new meal each month
  • Garden this summer and grow our own veggies 
  • Eat out 1 time per week at most

  • Monthly dates with O
  • Monthly dates with hubby
  • Reconnect with friends and make getting together a priority
  • Focus my blog on my life, running and health; write 2-3 times weekly
  • Read 1 book per month including 2 sports psychology books
  • Figure out career goals June 15th big career change!


  1. Great goals this year! Monthly dates with my hubby is one of the biggest challenges for us! I'm with you on the 3;15 marathon goal :)

    Amy @ http://www.livinglifetruth.com/


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