What a pain!

My right leg pain has gotten worse, so bad in fact that I had to stop my run on Thursday, I never do that. It started as a dull ache, but now it is very localized, throbbing at times. I am thinking the worst that I have a stress fracture in my tibia :( I finally got an appointment on Friday afternoon with an idiot Family Practice doctor who's answer was that running is bad. He only wanted to do an x-ray, which was negative per him, not surprising. He did tell me he's not very good at reading x-rays. He then refused to order an MRI to get an actual diagnosis. I need to know what it is, is it a stress fracture and then I'm out for 6 weeks or tendinitis and I can run when the pain is gone.
I think I have rode my bike more in the past 3 days than I have since June. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise to make me a better cyclist and get me back in the pool. As long as I am able to run by mid-February to start training for Grandma's everything will be fine or at least I think so, I'll let you know when I start to go crazy!


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