Finally an Answer...

After nearly a year of dealing with the same issue off and on and a misdiagnosis, I think I finally have an answer! The MRI on Saturday was negative for a stress fracture and it is highly unlikely that I had one in December. Although the treatment to stop running was somewhat correct.

Surprisingly or maybe not, when this all started last spring, I was researching possible causes and came up with one answer and I guess I was right. I have Posterior Tibial Tendinitis.

Then came the dreaded words "No Running." I can cross train, but not running until this is healed and I am fit with orthotics. If this isn't treated properly, it could mean a walking boot or even surgery in the future. Right now I am just getting massage and ultrasound with steroids. Later PT will add stretching and strenthening exercises.

This time not being able to run will be much harder as the weather warms up and the snow is melting. I could handle it in January, but April I'm not so sure of. I apoligize ahead of time for the insanity to come.


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