What a Change!

What a difference a week makes. Last Friday I was complaining about the weather and the fact that it was below zero again. Now today it is sunny and almost 50! The snow is melting and it actually feels like Spring may happen.

I have run 3 days in a row outside and actually shed a layer last night during my run. Not surprising as we were running the hills from hell and as usual even though it was the plan to go easy it was my fastest run since before my injury, kept an average pace of 8:05 even on the hills. It didn't help that Katie McGregor was running with us and we all started chatting and just got faster. I have even gotten in a couple runs in shorts this week, this does get some strange looks with shorts, long sleeves and mittens, but I love it! Ending the run with mud covered legs is the best, I love this time of year.


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