Back in the Pool

After about a month, I finally got back in the pool. Wow, had I regressed back to my old habits, but luckily I was with my coach and she quickly corrected my form and got me back on track. I got in a great workout and need to make myself do this swimming thing more often.
My coach even told me that she thought I looked like I was losing weight, maybe a pound or two and I haven't been trying. This was great to hear since I have been dealing with all the thyroid issues, my energy level has been terrible and I have skipped more workouts then I should. Over the past year I have gained about 10 pounds, which probably surprises most people, I just blamed this on my injuries and lack of running. Currently, I am back down to within about 5 pounds of my typical training weight. I was started on thyroid medication 2 1/2 weeks ago and hope things regulate quickly. I think the better weather should help with the energy level too.
Besides the swim, I got in 8.5 miles of running today. 3 miles of that was with Morgan, he was happy to be back out again too now that his leg is finally healed.


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