Fall Season Kick-Off

Last night was the Fall season kick-off party. Prior to last night's registration, we had over 100 people signed up for the run team. It was a mix of emotion in the room, excitement from everyone and a bit of nervousness from the rookie marathoners. With the right encouragement, hard work and dedication, they will all be crossing the finish line in October. We have some great races coming up this season Twin Cities Marathon, Nike Women's Full and Half Marathon in San Francisco and Dublin Marathon in Ireland.

I also got to meet Gwen, our team's second honored teammate, last night. She is 23 and has been battling leukemia off and on since she was 5 and is once again in treatment. Our other honored teammate, Nancy, is also a runner on the team. Nancy has CLL and was diagnosed 3 years ago. She is running the Nike half to celebrate her 60th Birthday!

The team starts training tomorrow. I can't wait to see how everyone progresses. It's not to late to join the team if you are interested.



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