Osceola Duathlon

After my bad experience with the tri last month, I decided that I wanted to try a duathlon. We looked and this was the only one that fit my schedule, Matt decided to do it too. We stupidly went into this with little actual duathlon training, we can both run and bike, but have little experience at doing both back to back. The race was a 5K run/22 mile bike/1 mile run.

Another early morning as we got up to make the 1 hour drive to the race, the fog was terrible on the drive so it took a little extra time. We got our packets and chips and waited in line for the one working bathroom. Then quickly set up our transition area and headed to the start with about 10 minutes to spare. We were in Wave 4, the waves started every minute.

Matt and I just before the start of the first run.

It was our turn to start, so we headed to the start line and we were off. The run was a pretty flat course. I looked down at about the 1 mile mark and realized my watch hadn't started. I was trying to not go out too hard so I could still feel good on the bike, but was still feeling good seeing that I was passing people who had started in wave 2 & 3.

Early in the first run.

1st Run: 22:18 (7:12 pace) A 5K PR 10/82 Women
T1 1:33 67/82

Before the race started I was talking to this guy who was saying that the course was rolling hills. Looking at the elevation map, it had looked more then that, but maybe he knew better. The first stretch was along an open road and the wind was gusting, I was having a tough time staying in a straight line and felt a few times that I was going to get blown off my bike. Then came the first hill at mile 2, uh not rolling, but steep and long. Then the next big hill at mile 5, the entire course continued this way with steep hill after steep hill with only small downhills. The final big hill came at mile 15 and then it was what I would consider rolling hills. This was getting tiring, I realized I need to ride more big hills. Considering all this I still had a decent bike time and loved the huge downhills that finally came. Coming into transition was tough, it took me a minute after I stopped to actually get my leg lifted over the bike. There was no way I was going to fall right there.

Just out of transition, still having some issues with my shoe.

Bike: 1:21:07 (16.27 mph) 44/82
T2: 1:25 71/82

The final run was only 1 mile, jacket off, shoes changed and I was running. Yikes my legs were tired at this point. Once again a nice flat run. I could see 4 people in front of me as I was coming into the final turn, I made it my goal to pass them and I did.

Almost to the finish line, legs are feeling pretty good.

2nd Run: 7:13 4/82
Final time: 1:53:38 10/20AG 37/82 Women I was hoping for 1:45, but I can't complain after those hills. I was in the top half of the women. Matt finished about 3 minutes after me.

I waited and watched Matt finish and then we grabbed the post race food. OMG, they were serving pancakes hot off the griddle! I think this was the best race food I have ever had. We ate our pancakes, OJ and fresh fruit and headed home. We stopped for coffee at a little coffee house on the way home, which took about 30 minutes for them to make fresh coffee for Matt, tell me they were out of soy milk and try to exchange skim milk in its place and make my Bill's drink. I really enjoyed the duathlon and plan to work on the biking and transitions. I think I may stick to these for awhile as I mentally recover from the bad tri I had.

Matt and I after finishing and eating the great post race food.


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