Ready to Rock 10K

On Teusday I decided to sign up for a 10K that was this morning, I haven't raced much this summer, my team runs tomorrow and Matt is gone so why not. The 10K is run with a 20 mile race and about 3/4 of the people run the 20 miler. When I registered I looked at last year's results and saw that the 1st woman finished in 44:xx, so not really attracting the elites. In the back of my head I thought maybe I'd have a chance of placing. Last night as I was figruing out where the race started, I notice 2 different start times listed (8 and 8:30) I figured I better get there before 8 to be safe.

Got to the race area about 7:40, picked up my packet and oversized shirt, they didn't order enough smalls. I guess this is okay since they are kind of ugly anyways. The RD decided to start the race at 8:15 due to the time discrepencies. The race was iPod leagal, so last night I made a 10K playlist with all the songs that get me running faster. The weather was perfect, 50* with just a slight breeze an sunny.

I get to the start and the 10K lines up infront of the 20 miler, but I noticed something strange, no one wanted to be in front. I'm thinking there has to be some fast people. It wasn't chip timed, so why not I'll get in front. I ended up in front with another girl (ponytail girl) and a few guys. I looked around scoping out the other runners and realizing how many people were talking about this being their first 10K. We started and I ran with ponytail girl and the guys for a short time then she took off. About 1 mile in another woman caught me and passed. I just kept what felt like a good pace and concentrated on my running, trying really hard not to try to keep up with others. Soon the fast 20 milers caught up and I ran with a group of them for a while, but then split off to head to the finish. I was now running all by myself with no one to race towards. I then saw the last turn and pushed harder, then the finish line was in sight.
Mile 1: 6:59 (A little too fast)
Mile 2: 7:18
Mile 3: 7:39
Mile 4: 7:33
Mile 5: 7:38
Mile 6: 7:33
Mile 6.2: 0:45 (6:35 pace)
Final: 45:27 New PR by 2 min 30 sec. 7:20 pace
2nd place AG finish to ponytail girl who was 1st Woman in 39:xx, good thing I didn't try to keep up with her. 4th Woman and 13th OA.
I ended up getting a GC to a running store for AG place, this makes up for the crappy t-shirt. The ankle felt great the entire race. The race director was an old TNT coach, so when I went up for my award he made a plug for TNT.


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