Dublin Marathon Day

Unlike all other marathons I have done, this one started at 9am meaning I actually got to sleep until a decent time. The weather was a little chilly at the start, but everyone was ready and excited. Matt decided to run the Family Fun Run 5K while I was out on the marathon course and even got a medal for finishing.

The Minnesota TNT Team

The scenary was beautiful and like I always say, marathons are a great way to see a new city. I was a little nervous about getting around the city, but met up with 2 other TNT coaches and we found our way around. Anyone who has been to Dublin knows that streets and badly marked and change names often. And when you ask distances they will tell you in time.
All 27 runners finished with plenty of time to spare and we even had a few PRs on a tough course. The jet lag and Guinness drinking didn't help to make it an easy day for some.

Some views from the course

The course went past our hotel and the pub across the street at about mile 25. This turned in to the meeting spot after people finished and then they were able to cheer on the rest of the team.
The evening was a the Victory Party which was once again dominated by the Minnesota Team, we had to be the first to start the dancing and the last to leave.


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