After about 12 hours of travelling and being awake all night, we finally arrived in Dublin on Friday afternoon. The only goal was to find food and then get some sleep!
On Saturday, we did the Guinness Tour and got caught in the pouring rain.

Matt and I at the Guinness waterfall

Sunday was the International Breakfast Run, a 2 mile run followed by breakfast and t-shirt exchange. It was beautiful weather and a great place to run. The Finland and Canada shirts ended up being really popular with the team. I am now the proud owner of a Finland running shirt that I cannot read.

Great view from the Breakfast Run course

The rest of the day included some sightseeing and the pasta party. This was a much different experience then the one at Nike. In Dublin there were only 156 TNT runners as compared to 5,000 in San Francisco. This proved to be a much more laid back dinner and quieter atmosphere. The Minnesota Team dominated with our 27 runners, high fundraisers and Triple Crown winners.


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