2008 Goals, how was it?

Looking back on 2008 at my goals...

-Drink less Diet Mt. Dew I quit drinking all diet pop in late last winter and have been successful except all the diet Mt. Dew I drank during the Relay, I needed caffeine to run on minimal sleep.

-Eat less sweets Not sure I will ever accomplish this.

-Get healthy and stay injury free I am still healing, but nothing new. The low mileage months and cross training have been good for me. I think I'll be 100% to start marathon training in a month.

-Qualify for Boston at Grandma's Marathon Nope, but did fine considering I ran after only being back to running 6 weeks after almost 4 months off

-Finish my first multi-sport events (a Duathlon and a Tri) I finished both, loved the duathlon, not so much the swimming part of the tri.

-Keep up with the cross training once I'm back to running Not so good at this, was biking 2x week and swimming 1x week for awhile, am just getting back into biking again after a couple months of strictly running.

-Run new PRs at all distances I was only able to run a 10K PR, but it was an almost 3 minute PR, maybe the 5K PR will come tomorrow considering this will be my only this year.

2009 Goals in the works...


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