One less toenail

I have lost nails in the past, just a consequence of running. In the past they have always been smaller nails and fell off on their own. This one was different, it was my big toe and had some help, okay a lot of help, from the doctor to come off.

I have been dealing with an infection in my toe and nail and 6 weeks of antibiotics hasn't helped, it is even getting worse. Running makes my toe throb for days and the redness and swelling makes it look like it is ready to explode. I gave in a saw a podiatrist this morning with hopes for a simple solution. His solution is 6 more weeks of antibiotics and removing the nail to relieve the pressure and get the infected base out. You're kidding, right? No, he wasn't and I now have one less toenail. I have seen a lot of things in my life that most would consider disgusting, but this was by far the worst. I have an extreme hatred of feet and watching this actually started to make me ill. I am crossing my fingers that this works and I soon have a better looking foot, but for now I am glad it is winter and no one needs to see the foot without a big toenail.


  1. OK...that sounds so yucky!!!

    Each of the 3 years that I walked the 60 mile, Breast Cancer 3-Day with my sister, she lost her big toe nails on both feet each time. Very weird.

    And disgusting.


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