My treadmill first broke back in July during a storm where I tried running inside to avoid the lightening. We of course forgot all about it not working until a few months later when Matt thought he could fix it. The company even sent us a new motor to try, which Matt finally installed last month without good results. We eventually gave in and had someone come look at it. It took him 2 visits to fix it, which I'm sure he was not thrilled about since Morgan scared to crap out of him. Kind of funny to see a grown man terrified of my cute, cuddley dog.
I am so happy with the latest cold and snow to have this working again. I am a cold weather wimp and prefer to run inside in anything under 20 degrees. I have even gone as far as running a 20 miler on the treadmill 2 years ago when training for a January marathon, that was tough and I was going crazy by the end, but I guess better then freezing.


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