2009 Goals and Races

I seem to make them every year, but quickly forget. Here I go again, 2009 Goals:
-Cross train 3x week (bike, swim, etc.)
-Strength training 2x week
-Heal and no more injuries
-Feel good at the end of races
-Straight As in my final semester of grad school
-More multisport events (although my schedule doesn't show it)
-PR at all distances
-Qualify for Boston
-Possibly a 50K

2009 Races (so far)
March 8th Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon
April 18th Earth Day Half Marathon or 20 Miler
April 26th Ironman 100 mile bike ride
May 16th Maple Grove Half Marathon
May 25th Stillwater Marathon
August 30th Minneapolis Duathlon
Sept 12th Ready to Rock 10K


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