What am I getting myself in to?

Matt convinced me that we should save some money a pre-register for the Winter Carnival Half Marathon that is tomorrow. I have always waited to register and wimped out a last minute due to weather, not losing any money. All week I have kept an eye on the forecast and it just kept getting worse. As of this morning the predicted weather at the race start is -9F and -24 wind chill, yikes! The race is still on, but they have now shortened the course to only 6.5 miles. I'm kind of pissed, I would rather just run the entire thing if I am going to be out there. Now I need to plan a Sunday run to get in the 12 miler that is on my schedule. Oh well, this race will only make me tougher and I have brunch with mimosas and friends to look forward to after the run.


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